Fair Human Rights, Bangladesh Foundation (FHRBF) is the South Asian Regional office of Fair International Human Rights based in Ontario, Canada.

Fair International Human Rights (FIHR) has started its operation in South Asia through establishing a foundation named Fair Human Rights, Bangladesh Foundation (FHRBF) in Dhaka Bangladesh.
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About Fair International Human Rights (FIHR)
Fair International Human Rights (FIHR) is an international human rights and equal opportunity organization established in 2008. The head office is based in Ontario, Canada. The organization is still in its early days and is gradually evolving as an efficient and effective non-profit, non-political and non-government voluntary International Human Rights organization. It is registered as a non-charity organization, undergoes an independent audit annually and files information returns with Canadian governmental regulatory revenue agencies.

Vision: The vision of FIHR is to establish a global society based on 'equality, dignity and social justice' where human rights will prevail for everyone and every time.

Mission: The mission of FIHR is to promote and protect the rights and dignity of the disempowered and disadvantaged people including the Bangladeshi Diaspora community and to eliminate all forms of discrimination and social exclusion through appropriate socio-economic development and interventions such as Human Rights Institution building and grassroots development, awareness on Human Rights, gender and language rights, promotion of environmental justice, social justice, action research, networking and advocacy.

Strategy: Fair International intends to facilitate the disempowered and disadvantage people through working with them and to create ecological niche for each of them. The grassroots people are assisted based on the vision and mission of the Fair International Human Rights.

Geographical coverage: The Head office of FIHR is in Ontario, Canada. It has started its South Asia Regional office at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Gradually it will open other regional & chapter offices in other parts of the world.

Legal Status: FIHR is registered with the Department of Ministry of Government Service Ontario Canada bearing Registration 1838732 and also obtained Registration from the monitoring Revenue Canada Registration 821104510RC0001 and Bangladesh joint stock companies and firms under the society registration act 1860 on registration no 7726(916)/08.

The constitution of Fair International Human Rights provides scope for a General council as the Supreme authority of the organization which consists of 21 members. Besides, the Board of Directors consisting 7 members are elected by the members of General council. The President is appointed by the Board of Directors who has the power and authority to act on behalf of the organization and to enter into any contractual obligation. Also a 5 member Advisory Committee provides valuable suggestions to the President as and when necessary.