language activist & Freedom fighter

Jamal Uddin Noori

An excellent Scholar prominent leader of language movement who is multifarious quality dedicated whole life to serve the humanity.

The great man of Chittagong Bangladesh, Mr. Jamal Uddin Noori Biddya Ratna was born on 21st. February, 1929 at sub-division in the Chittagong, district . The name of his father Badiuddin Matbbar and mother’s name Amirjan. He has completed Distinction Matriculation from Banigram Shadonpur High School in 1946 under the Calcutta University and passed Distinction intermediate from Sir Salimullah College Dacca under the Dacca University. In 1952 Mr. Jamal Uddin was a student of B.A (Hon) English final year and was a resident of Fazlul Haque Hall in Dacca University Bangladesh. A meeting was called by the student at the bank of the pond at the western side of Fuzlul Haque Hall in the evening of 20th February 1952. On 21st February 1952 the Mr. Jamal Uddin along with some other students of the violated the Section 144, on the campus of the Dacca University Bangladesh. A procession of the student was moving forward towards the first gate of the Dacca Medical College while Police chased then and charged sticks and tear gas on students in order to disperse the procession. Mr. Jamal Uddin was injured and arrested by the police .He was imprisoned for 21 days and then released from the jail. It could be mentioned here that in 1948, after the partition of India a step was taken by the parliament to amend the Sub-section of 29 of the Indian constitution. In that amendment proposal it was mentioned that Urdu will be national language of Pakistan along with English. When Urdu was proposed as the national language with English by the Government of Pakistan, the Member of Parliament, Mr. Dhirendra Nath Dutta who was elected from Comilla (presently a district of Bangladesh) brought a historical proposal against it. He proposed that Bengali be the national language of Pakistan because it was the mother tongue of 44 million people of the East Bengal. After the session of the parliament he was coming back to Dacca, when he reached the Tejgaon Airport, he found no security at the Airport. 20-25 young people were standing at the Airport under leadership of  Student leaders Mr. Jamal Uddin and Mr. Mozammel Haque ( who died in an air-crash at Cairo Airport in 1965).Everybody was wearing wrappers. It was assumed that the young people have come to the Airport to protest against the proposal of Bengali as the national language of Pakistan. It was also assumed that the young guys may have carried arms under their wrappers. When Mr. Dutta came closer to the young guys, they took out lots of roses and honored him. After three months of the partition of India in 1947 the demand of Bengali as the national language of Pakistan was started. Bengali was the language of our mothers, our Community, our daily lives and our education. In order to establish Bengali as the national language of Pakistan, the student leader Mr. Jamal Uddin collected signatures of the mass people of the country and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister Khawza Nazimuddin on the 17 November 1947. In a conference held in Karachi, the proposal of Urdu as the national language was passed. To protest against the proposal a meeting was held on 06 December, 1947 under the leadership of Mr. Farid Ahamed, the V.P of the Dacca University. Mr. Jamal Uddin was arrested along with other students on 11 March 1948 when he was holding a meeting with the other student – leaders. He was released on 14 March 1948 under an agreement with the chief Minister Khawaja Nazimuddin. The agreement was signed by Mr. Kamruddin Ahamed on behalf on the students. When he was in the jail in 1952, he promised to use Bengali as the medium of study and also establish so many educational institutions in the country and also promised to work as an honorary founder Headmaster.

He established so many educational institutions from 1952 to 21stFebruary 1998 (till his death)

The institutions are: 1. Khasmahal High School, Dew Dighi, Satkania. 2. Tulatuli Ideal High School, Satkania. 3. Halishahar Central High School, Halishahar. 4. Saral Amiria High School, Banashkhali. 5. Barik Mia High School, Doublemooring. 6. Rahamania High School, Panchlaish. 7. Barumchara Bashruzzaman High School, Anowara. 8. Gua Panchak High School, Anowara

Apart from those, he established many schools and colleges. As recognition of his works he was awarded the title ‘Noori’ and ‘Biddya Ratna’. From 17 November 1947 to 21 February 1998(till his death) he worked hard to establish Bengali as the Mother tongue. During this period he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured several times. To fulfill his incomplete works, his students abroad in Canada have come forward. They appealed to the UNESCO to recognize the 21stFebruary as an international Mother tongue day. The Bangladesh Government also came forward with the issue. On 17 November 1999, in meeting of the UNESCO, 188 countries approved 21st February as the international Mother tongue – day. From the year 2000, the 21st February is observed as mother – tongue day every year.